I appeared in 1971. I quickly began touring locations in the Norfolk and Norwich area of the UK, playing in venues such as ‘The Avenues’ and ‘Eaton School’. I was in a group called “The parents’, who split in 1980

I spent the next few years trying to find my own groove, starting in Hampshire then finishing up where I started.

In 1989 I began my solo career, I catered for students but my fans were few and the reviews were generally insipid. By 1992 I’d relocated to the Isle of Bristol. I took a break that lasted until 1999. During that time I kept a low profile, went through a psychedelic phase and endured a lengthy comedown at the hands of a telecommunications corporation. This was a low, In desperation I sometimes mugged wheelie bins for entertainment. Dark days.

In 2001 I slowly started becoming proactive in dabbling with electronica and refined my techniques for getting rid of groupies. I briefly lived with a couple of individuals who made ‘proper music’…

Well one of them did, the other hit drums and sold tea.

In 2004 I met my partner in crime: The Lady Miss T, we worked on melody and explosives trying to find something of a harmony between the two. I joined her in Costa Del Bath where we remained in rehearsals for three years. In 2007 I became  an Industrial performer.

By the spring of 2008, Miss T & I formed our band ‘The Riches’, It was a rock’n’roll affair , kicking bottoms wherever we went.

Miss T on Vocals. HIAB-X strumming chisel riffs, becoming a stone star.

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