Millenium Basher. 2000

Millenium Basher from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Two thousand arrived with a leaden sky over bristol, drenched with the nicotine orange glow of the street lights below and the underwhelming flash of  celebratory fireworks disappearing into the clouds never to be seen again. It rained at the stroke of midnight. I stood in the room of my bedsit wondering ‘Is that all there is?…Is that all there is?’

Still, once the new year had loped fully in, there was a brief break in the clouds when I joined my family for a holiday in Greece during the Summer. Summer turned to Autumn, I piddled around designing virtual reality environments that could be explored online. Autumn turned to Winter, I cut off all my long hair and blew a raspberry. All the while music was playing.

Voyage of the Amsterdamned. 1999

Voyage of the Amsterdamned. from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Ten go mad in Amsterdam. 1999 saw amongst many things, a May bank holiday weekend to Amsterdam, many of the tracks on this playlist are lifted from the mix CD I had with me at the time.

Spooky Mellow Fellow. 1998

Spooky Mellow Fellow. from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

An eclectic mix of mellow electronica, symphonic crooning and a bit
of something nasty from the basement. Somehow it just works.

Inner Funk*. 1997

1997 Inner Funk* from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Twenty-plus tracks including music by AirBarry Adamson, and DJ Camm.
(*Warning! Contains no ‘Funk’)

The Art of Being Lost. 1996

1996 The Art of Being Lost from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Life lessons learnt: ‘When you’re looking for direction,
it would be really useful if you didn’t burn the fucking map!’

Brislington Blues.1995

1995 Brislington Blues from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Fourteen tracks including music by Beamish & Fly, Crash Test Dummies, and David Bowie.
Didn’t Saturn return?

Spoon Head. 1994

Spoon Head from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Something so right yet so wrong.

Hampton Road Kill. 93-94

Hampton Road Kill from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

My original situation in Bristol had gone off the rails within about four months of living there. I needed a new place to live and found a bedsit not far away from my first dwellings. Thus began a new era lasting roughly a year. It was a year of twenty-something mayhem. This playlist reflects many of the influences swarming my audio hungry ears at the time.

Altered Trajectory.1992

Altered Trajectory V1 from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

This is a history lesson, a snapshot and a soundtrack to a hiab-x era. Base HQ Imperial Road.

A Tale Of Three Houses. (Autumn 91-Autumn 92)

A Tale of Three Houses. from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

The micro tumultus of living in three different houses in the span of less than a year. This collection of tunes was broadcasting from all three locations and sums up the varied mood of the time.