Radio HIAB-X 1980-83

Moving into the second decade of my life, I realise that the playlists are tricky to piece together as the 1980’s were musically like several audio bombs going off in my head in close succession to each other. This playlist represents the last phase of my not owning any music but still picking up on things that were on the radio, tunes owned by my folks, the soundtrack to a brief spell at ice skating and going off on space adventures in my imagination. All of which was backdropped by a gradual ascension into my tweens, parents separating and an ever so ‘slight’ interest in members of the opposite sex! This is how the period of 1980-83 sounded to me.

In love with my radio:1980-83 from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Radio HIAB-X 1970’s Vol.2

I wasn’t buying music in the 1970’s but I was listening intently at the variety of styles, knowing as all music lovers do, the tracks that ‘hit the spot’. They were committed to memory, they were in their own kind of way, ‘first loves’. I find it interesting in compiling these mixes of my early tastes, that so much of it provides a blueprint for the genres I would grow to love. Even the playlists I compile in these current 21st century years are echoes and reflections that have their roots in the formative decades between the 70’s and 80’s.

Made in the 70’s Vol.2 from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Radio HIAB-X 1970’s Vol.1

My love of music stretches back to my earliest memories of being alive. My parents, especially my Mum usually had the radio on or was regularly playing something on the record player. This and the Vol.2 playlist are a compilation of the tracks that most strongly evoke memories of my generally untroubled childhood during theĀ 1970’s. It’s my audio equivalent of ‘comfort food’. Enjoy.

Made In the 70’s Vol.1 from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.