Sonic Machine Gun 2007

Sonic Machine Gun from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

2007. Twenty tracks of audio ammunition featuring the likes of Unkle,NIN and Meat Beat Manifesto. Wars have begun with less.

Samsara International 2006

Samsara International from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

2006.Parts of the sphere reveal the wheel. This was my soundtrack whilst exploring Robin Hood’s Hut, St.Lucia and Taba. Warning! May contain traces of Nine Inch Nails,and Hybrid.

Alive 2005

2005 saw the continuing ascension from the pit of my emotions and turmoil that had tainted the majority of my time living on the Isle of Bristol. Adventures with Purple Girl provided a grand new perspective and this was the soundtrack for that era.

Alive from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Purple Girl 2004

Purple Girl from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

2004 The year I met my partner in crime and future wife to be: Purple Girl. And so began a rip roaring rocket ride with rumpugneous ramifications. This explosive playlist including the sleazy acts of Ministry Underworld and The Prodigy charts the terrifying,tumultuous trajectory of our year reaching a crescendo of apocalyptic proportions.

Let’s Have a rumble 2003

Let’s Have a Rumble from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

HIAB-X SMAAASSSSH! 2003 started with a kitten then went all kung fu, violent hardcore yoga, a Greek odyssey, thunder and lightning, a prayer to the stars and mechanical abuse. All covered in a gooey-prickly coating of Juno Reactor, Oakenfold and UNKLE. Other people of equal musical abilities contributed to this mix with melody and strychnine.

Satanic Robot Builder 2002

Satanic Robot Builder from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

In 2002, I just couldn’t help it, I started building a droid and needed something to listen to while I did it. Featuring tracks from Nine Inch Nails,Moloko,DJ Shadow and several other cool, robot-friendly musical types.

Beyond the Infinite. 2001

Beyond the Infinite from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

2001; A playlist of cosmic proportions, dancing between ape men and space men. It all happened in a bedsit in Bristol. Including tracks by Gorillaz,Playgroup, and Bent!

Millenium Basher. 2000

Millenium Basher from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Two thousand arrived with a leaden sky over bristol, drenched with the nicotine orange glow of the street lights below and the underwhelming flash of  celebratory fireworks disappearing into the clouds never to be seen again. It rained at the stroke of midnight. I stood in the room of my bedsit wondering ‘Is that all there is?…Is that all there is?’

Still, once the new year had loped fully in, there was a brief break in the clouds when I joined my family for a holiday in Greece during the Summer. Summer turned to Autumn, I piddled around designing virtual reality environments that could be explored online. Autumn turned to Winter, I cut off all my long hair and blew a raspberry. All the while music was playing.

Voyage of the Amsterdamned. 1999

Voyage of the Amsterdamned. from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

Ten go mad in Amsterdam. 1999 saw amongst many things, a May bank holiday weekend to Amsterdam, many of the tracks on this playlist are lifted from the mix CD I had with me at the time.

Spooky Mellow Fellow. 1998

Spooky Mellow Fellow. from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

An eclectic mix of mellow electronica, symphonic crooning and a bit
of something nasty from the basement. Somehow it just works.