Alex and Graham

June 1986

Alex and Graham came strolling into the dining hall and sat at the table while Antonia and I quietly ate our pack lunches. They seemed to be on something as they kept saying “A weeshker-neeshker”, talk to them about anything, A-weeshker-neeshker was the answer. They tired of it eventually then started taking the piss out of A-ha! Stating that Pål, Morten and Maggs ate nothing but muesli as their main source of Norwegian sustenance. It was funny at the time.



March 1986

David O’Callaghan lent me a really cool tape today called ‘Please’ by an ace new group called The Pet Shop Boys.  It’s well-smart. The tape is recorded with Dolby Digital and starts with these digital bleeps, so futuristic! All the songs are made with synthesisers, I’ve never heard anything like it. There’s so many brilliant tracks, my favourites are Two Divided by Zero and Love Comes Quickly, but all the tracks are just ace. I went for a walk up Green Hill this afternoon listening to it on my Walkman, it was a perfect Spring day and I felt amazed with everything, the music, the view of Romsey, the weather. I can’t wait to tell Jamie and Scott about this album, they’re going to love it.



February 1985

Theres this new song out called 19 by Paul Hardcastle, its about the Vietnam war and has this brill voice saying “N-n-n-n-Nineteen” Me and Jamie are mad about it and both bought it, though Jamie bought the twelve Inch and I only bought the seven inch version. Jamie and I went to the army surplus in the city and he bought an American G.I helmet, which is also brill. We were at Dad’s this weekend, with the records and the helmet, we couldn’t stop playing the song over and over. 

Dad decided to put on Jamie’s helmet and started walking after us saying “N-n-n-n-Nineteen” Jamie and me were pissing ourselves laughing. Dad started following us down the alley between his house and the neighbours, still wearing the helmet and still saying Nineteen, then he realised that he’s smashed his wrist watch whilst chasing us, It had sentimental value to him and he got quite upset but he was still wearing Jamie’s helmet and Jamie and I nearly died laughing, even though we felt bad for him.


An American Werewolf In London

August 1981.

Today I was round Nanny’s house, I was looking at her Sun newspaper while she was cooking in the kitchen. I opened a page and saw the werewolf from the new film American Werewolf in London. I couldn’t stop looking at the picture even though it scared me, so I scribbled over it with a biro so I couldn’t see it anymore.



May 1979

I was sitting up late watching Film 79 presented by Barry Norman. He showed a clip of a film called Alien, there was this man in a tunnel and a dot was chasing him while a woman was starting to cry. The music was really scary and the dot was getting closer to him, then he went round a corner and this monster turned around and screamed at him with silver teeth and I honestly nearly poo’d my pants. I can’t stop thinking about it.



March 1979

Today Gillian took Jamie and me to Sainsburys in Bowthorpe and left us to look at books in the newsagent. I saw this horrible book called The Howling with a scary lady wolf on the cover, I didn’t want to look at it but I kept doing it, in the end I turned the book round so I couldn’t see her anymore but now I can’t get the picture out of my head.



June 1978

There’s this new film that all the girls at school are mad about, called Grease. Today Teresa  Brown brought her soundtrack in to play during ‘Show and tell’. It’s quite good, I found the picture of the cow on the record quite hypnotic as it spun round and round.

When it was my turn, I showed everyone my Space 1999 annual. I opened up a page showing Alan Carter but I said “And this is Alan Farter” Everybody laughed except the Mrs Murray.



Future Anxiety

I’m worried that when I grow up, I’m going to have to ask strangers if they can help me tie my shoe laces. I’ve been crying about it. Daddy made me a pretend shoe with a shoelace, to help me get it right. What If I can’t? Will I get to twenty and have to ask a lady to do my shoes up?!?


A new girl has joined Mrs Murray’s class. Her name is Denise, like the Blondie song. Today I found a pink toy car  car with coloured windows, the Blondie song played in my head while I played with it. The car made me think of Denise but then I stopped playing with it because I didn’t like it.



Fire Engine

December 1976

I got this fire engine from Nanny Ethel and Grandad Wally for Christmas. When I grow up I’m going to be a fireman. The ladder got stuck and I asked Mummy to help me pull it out, she used her teeth and screamed because she broke her tooth on the ladder. Mummy was naughty because she swore a lot.

Mummy’s teeth can’t be very strong because she also broke them eating a Nutty bar once.

fire engine2

nutty copy