Umpsquamadic Peel Song : Pt 1

Umpsquamadic Peel Song : Pt 1

(Aka’ The walk of fear’ )

Just over two weeks ago I began experimenting with constructing audio elements that are as accurate as memory can muster, versions of parts of my bad trip in 1992.

This project has technically been gestating in my brain ever since I had my ‘eureka!’ moment of recall in Penzance, where I was suddenly able to fill the blanks of that dreadful day.

In 1997 I successfully completed attempt number #1 by making a student film on S-VHS called ‘Mind Grenade’ it was a Labour if love at the time, I was working in a pre- digital film and editing environment, so the results are fairly crude. Due to limited time and lack of resources, the accompanying soundtrack had certain created elements but most of the background audio was actually a disturbing early Marilyn Manson track that was mainly ambient.

Skipping ahead twenty years, I carry in my pocket and backpack a collection of software solutions that would make my former college tutors blush.

I’ve never forgotten the Umpsquamadic peels or their eerie sky song , so I’ve been experimenting recreating the sounds and atmosphere of that part of the bad trip in GarageBand during my work breaks. I’ve been pleased with the results but missing the vocal parts.

On Saturday afternoon, I picked up my Op-1 for the first time in about three months and decided it was time to have another go at getting into it. (I have a love / hate relationship with said item) I found myself beginning to attempt the Umpsquamadic Peel song on it and by Sunday morning had actually managed to generate something I felt was a fairly good expression of what I was thinking.

This has actually redeemed the Op-1 to a certain extent as being owned by me was beginning to be a precarious has been on very thin ice on account of the fact so many items I’ve created on it have actually developed into something I’ve found meaningful. Comparatively, most things I do on my iPad or phone have been infinitely superior. The OP-1 finally delivered the goods by mangling my voice via the CWO filter. It may have other uses as an FX box yet.

Later… It has transpired that the version of the AIFF file I popped in Dropbox contains too many non-editable sounds, needless to say I can’t use it. I have since read that I can extend the length of a sample in the OP-1 , in turn it will allow me a second attempt at singing the song, refining my vocal technique and not recording two bars at a time.

The ultimate aim of this particular project is to make a short narrated story of the fateful day , complete with soundtrack, video effects ‘Mind Grenade Redux’
I’ll rewrite the original contribution and update links. To date it has accumulate in excess of 27,000 views , rattled a few readers minds and inspired a prog-metal tune by an artist called Cynthia Witthoft who borrowed the title ‘Bad Trip and Umpsquamadic Peels’

Depending on the success of this little venture, I may well attempt the polar opposite experience I had ‘Encounter with the Psychehedron’

There’s another story.

Later in the day, I went down to the cabin and set up my mic to record my singing the Umpsquamadic Peel song then overdubbing it four times. I haven’t edited and totally aligned the discrepancies between takes, but given that I have little confidence in my singing voice presently, it was s feat to actually attempt the manoeuvre in the first place.

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