Strum & Bass

Strum and Bass

Yesterday in some respects was a slow day in creative terms. I did experiment with GarageBand IOS.
I’d seen a video on my newsfeed in the morning showing how to expand the sound of the native ‘smart guitar’. (Basically midi guitar ) output, to extend the limited pallet of sonics available.

Much of my break time noodling revolves around noodling with that. While the smart guitar can fake the physical instrument it is trying to emulate fairly well, the ear still knows that no strings are vibrating.

I messaged another user briefly on Facebook and enquire whether the virtual amp software comes into its own if one plugs a real guitar into the program? The person indicated that it does indeed, so I may well invest in a small interface called an iRig.

In the evening, I went to the cabin and picked up my acoustic out of a partial sense of guilt, having neglected to play with regularity over the last month. I tried some finger picking exercises set by John G, my tutor. That was a somewhat frustrating experience. I then tried some things I enjoy and know how to play, this was an improvement. I then loaded up Robin Finck’s interview where he talks about guitar strings and plays a little variation on a Nine Inch Nails rhythm.

(Skip to 8:33)

I studied his fretboard positioning and tried to copy it. Without the same effects pedals or electric guitar, my version sounded plodding by contrast but I was quite pleased that I’d picked up the tune, then rounded off the small session by finding a rhythm from the song Demon Seed.

As with all my guitar work so far, small steps lead to small victories. I remain grateful for even those.

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