Briefly updating this website while it quickly approaches its final stages of this current incarnation. I’m quite disappointed that I’ll have to abandon the current format as it has served me well to build a website utilising an assortment of RSS feeds to serve my purposes.

You don’t want to read about my gripes though do you.

OK, as the title suggests, this is just a little bit of housekeeping. I’ve been adding new radio stations to the Radio section. All of them feed from my profile here. I’ve enjoyed compiling the playlists so far, they represent the music I’ve had as the soundtrack to my life over the last twenty years. My final aim is to reach as far back as my childhood with the things I remember liking and listening to over the arc that has been my time on this crazy planet.

The mixes are very personal to me and are evocative of the times they represent. I’m not entirely certain how any of them translate to strangers, or people who weren’t around me at the time but I like to think I’ve got good taste in music and an ear for arranging music in order to make an engaging playlist.

As usual, life is busy here in HIAB-X land, I’ve put a lot of time and effort into DIY projects pimping out my crib. Creative art is once again suffering low output due to the demands of getting other things done. Having said that, much of my art is inspired by dreams and lately, my recall has been somewhat fuzzy due to the above ‘busyness’ I do miss keeping my diaries and doing my images to accompany nocturnal adventures but I’m confident at some point I’ll just hop back into being able to focus more on doing it again.

Tidbits of news in brief:

Went to see the incredible Rammstein play live at the O2 in London recently. They put on a show that is unrivalled by any other band I’ve ever seen.

My end of evening routine of mellowing out before bedtime is putting an hour of downtime into playing the incredible game Skyrim. Mum bought it for me  as a Christmas present and I have to say, in terms of providing an unparalleled immersive, engaging, beautifully rendered mythical world with seemingly endless hours of content, there’s nothing quite like it on the gaming market.

Since last blogging here I’ve reached the pivotal age of 40.

Side effects have included: An increased amount of retrospective pondering, several shades of nostalgia and a slowly growing sense that being a thirty-something had its own unique character. I think a sense of mortality does creep in, it has partly provided the impetus to catalog and build a chronological log of photos, comments, music and flavours that life has given so far, arranged on the Facebook Timeline feature.

I had been looking for some software that would provide me with the means of doing this ‘Life so far’ audit, I couldn’t find anything that managed to push all the metaphoric ‘buttons’ then Facebook came along with their new feature that pretty much served every function I was looking for. There lies the bind in what I sometimes feel is a modern ill, I don’t like to be glued to Zuckerberg’s monster more than I need to be, but It transpires that it does have many convenient uses.

What I loathe though, is that I would love to do it all on my own web site but I’m constantly held back by the knowledge that I can never be too personal or provide information that might be harvested by the digital lowlifes that lurk around the dark corners of the web. Who are you, reading this blog? Who are YOU? I like to imagine that you are benign but I’m not naive enough to embrace that sentiment entirely.

Over three thousand hits on this website and not a single comment on a single blog entry : – /

Moving on, I must admit I’m getting pretty stoked about the imminent arrival on cinema screens of the new Ridley Scott flick :Prometheus. It promises to be the spiritual precursor for Alien, which to date remains one of my all time favourite movies of all time. No doubt I’ll write an account of my impressions of it here, I have that horrible hesitancy that It might be awful or sub-standard. I blame George Lucas solely for that feeling, after all, he DID manage to make three consecutive screw-ups and forever mar his legacy with Star Wars. I managed to avoid the last Indiana Jones movie based on that bitter taste and it then transpired that my avoidance was wholly justified.

OK, this was supposed to be a blog entry of updates and now it resembles a moan.

Thank you dear void, for your brief attention paid to this particular missive. Don’t be a stranger now ;-P

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