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Going Deeper

Wednesday 28th October 2009


Just a short one. Believe it or not, I’m doing more with this web site than may appear on the surface.

As for the surface…

Well, I’ve had a much needed week of recuperation this week as half term at college has also coincided with my employer taking a week off from toil as well. To me this has been a week off from the routine of stone carving and general masonry.

The byproduct of which has been amongst other things: more vivid dreams, more expendable energy, more visual creativity and …oh where did my week off go?

Well, as with most of these blog entries, the simple business of starting an entry winds up spanning a few days.

My week had a few stand-out highlights, my wonderful mother in law Heather, enjoyed her 80th birthday in our company . I had the pleasure of cooking her a birthday meal while she was pampered by the rest of the Rich posse.

On Wednesday evening, my old friend Dave came over for a long overdue catch up. LONG OVERDUE.

Traditionally, we managed to shoot the breeze over beer, technology chat, the Playstation and Youtube clips. Great!

Our evening concluded with a couple of games of Buzz on the PS3.

And that was that, I ran into problems with doing some simple adjustments to this blog;next thing I know its a fortnight later.

This is Cap’n Crappo signing out. More disjointed entries next w…….//////////@£££££$%%%%%%%^^^^^..÷÷…æ“


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