2013- Brief update

Added some new playlists to Radio HIAB-X and included two new sub-sections ‘Childhood’ and ‘Forties’ as the ever growing mass of my personal music collection makes it online and is listenable. At some point within the next couple of months, it’s my aim to create downloadable PDF mock CD sleeve files for each playlist. This is generally intended for my own anorakish pleasure, whilst adding a further historical dimension to those audio archives.

I suppose it’s fair to say that HIAB-X.COM has become a kind of dumping ground for the general contents of my mind, a slow uploading of thoughts, feelings and music that have kicked around in my head for many years, dreams and their imagery also form part of that.I used to keep handwritten dream and life diaries, I used to make mixtapes and CD’s for friends, you could consider that this website provides a ‘One size fits all’ dimension to those formerly separate strands.

I often read that we live in a Narcissistic age and I admit that I feel a degree of discomfort that I may be guilty of indulging in that spirit, however,  I also accept that with very limited means of truly making a mark on the world, such collections as this are a personal time capsule where my intentions are to share with those who might be interested, be you a friend, family member or just some random web surfer looking for something to pass the time away.



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