Like watering a plant.

On a week to week basis I receive an email from Statcounter telling me how many visitors I haven’t had here at, this doesn’t trouble me greatly as I’m not a regular blogger, I don’t put a lot of effort into SEO tools because I’m not gagging to be noticed by the rumbling world of human web traffic. In my twenties and thirties I may have been yelling “Look at me!” these days I’m more likely to yell “What do you bloody want?” **

Having said that, I noted recently that traffic for inexplicable reasons has been spiking here so as owning a website is a three way process for me, primarily because old habits die hard, and I like talking to the void- a relationship between man and computer, then there’s you, the anonymous third party who likes to ogle in the background. What do you bloody want? 😉

Probably more content. I mean, if you’re going to start visiting and looking through all my rambles, it’s a bit like you’re watering this virtual plant, which puts the onus on me to grow new shoots. Metaphor over.

Here, have a playlist of some of my favourite abrasive, metallic guitar bands peppered with amusing and obscure poetic monologues from a bygone era.

Grandpa Shreds. from hiabex303 on 8tracks Radio.

In other news:

I continue to make music in any little snatches of free time that I have, normally this consists of break times spent in my car. I rig up my DAW to my car stereo whilst parked on the edge of a field, crank up the volume and compose. This last week I’ve been putting together a track about an amoeba that crawled out of the sea, climbed up a tree and turned into a monkey, it came back down with two feet on the ground etc, etc.

No, you can’t listen to it, subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to remain on the cutting edge of my creative output. (Can you see what I did there?) If I haven’t updated in a while, don’t assume that I’m not up to something.

Other than that, I’ve made a point of spending forty five minutes to an hour each night , learning guitar. It’s difficult, rewarding and the aim is to be able to shred in a satisfying way for my musical compositions, give it time, I’ll be demonstrating how to settle arguments and general disputes with riffs via my Youtube channel… and other mysterious™ web site.


Ooh he’s a proper caution, isn’t he!

**Unless I share this on Facebook for friends and family because contradictions help us grow spiritually, dude .