HIAB-X Does WordPress

Sayonara iWeb.We had our fun didn’t we, but then you stopped being cool, you got lazy and stopped updating, then you started acting like personal websites weren’t that important, then you pissed around with my hosting and finally, finally you just crapped out on simple things like being able to upload new content without making it feel like digital root canal surgery.

I will not miss you.

Hello WordPress and a big hello again to my anonymous lurkers. If you’ve just arrived at hiab-x.com for the first time, my name is Matthias aka HIAB-X. I’ve been doing this site since around 1999. It’s a site of personal interests often updated with blog rambles, dream diaries, my personal mixes for Radio HIAB-X and whatever else takes my fancy.

This latest WordPress upgrade comes courtesy of my patient friend and co conspirator Jason Hess, without whom I’d still be spitting feathers at Apple’s defunct/dysfunctional, web authoring software.

For those of you who are my more regular visitors,keep watching this space, as I learn the ropes, I hope to fully utilise any cool features that I like in WordPress in order to enhance and make more dynamic engaging content…either that or just a few bell’s and whistles to help you waste a little more of your time online. Starting from now.

Comments are now back, so feel free to do what you never did before and say what’s on your mind. ;-P

More soon.