Das Experiment

What Is This Blog?

It’s a bit of a diary really, there’s no denying it. Sometimes I find it rater daunting that I have so much to jot down because I’ve neglected my blogging duties for weeks at a time. This week, I’m just going to add to the entry as I go along and see how that works.

Good Music/Bad Music

On friday, thanks to my weekly subscription to the B3ta.com newsletter, I discovered the following two gems:

That absolutely made me whinny with laughter when I first played it, I also find it a little unnerving as there are clearly times where Satchmo looks bloody malevolent, not at all how I mentally remember him from childhood.

Then, as if to offer something of an antidote to the Louis and his menacing glares, there was “Two nuns and a drum machine” link. This is truly marvellous:

Click image to open linking page and hear the songs.

Who said that the Louis Armstrong has all the best tunes?! 😉

The F**king Weather !

Other than that, it has been a delight to see the sudden shift from Winter to spring weather, after having endured working outside in the cold and wet for much of the last six months it feels like a reward to be able to comfortably wear a t-shirt again. Anyway, enough of this  talking about the weather business.

Tuesday 13th April 2010

Oooooooh! ‘iamamiwhoami’ has just posted another gloriously odd/arty/surreal/otherworldly clip on youtube with her distinctly Alison Goldfrapp genetically fused with Trent Reznor style of musical delivery (I say that affectionately by the way) I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL I CAN ABSORB AN ALBUMS WORTH! In the meanwhile here’s a couple of examples of why I’m getting enthused.

Bloody lovely!


bugger where was I ?

Oh yeah, head over to  the next entry…