Another week of busy-ness! Now I know where the time goes; it gets gobbled up and eaten, vaguely digested then excreted on pages like this  one.

Since last writing, I continued with my ‘Green Man’ carving, putting my last two official college days of this academic year to good use. I was generally pleased with the outcome although the perfectionist in me keeps spotting things I’d like to tweek and modify.

By Wednesday, I was back in the swing of working with Marcus as we drew our work on a dry stone wall in the gorgeous, historically steeped  town of Marshfield, to a close. This ultimately entailed a grand tidy up involving shifting a good ton and a half of  walling stone and hearting into the back of a Land Rover. Mainly taking place on Wednesday which also happened to be the hottest day this year. It came as no surprise that my brain started to slow cook in my cranium as the work demanded repetitive lifting and hauling of a seemingly endless pile of stone.

Anyway, enough of this fascinating monologue about my outdoor pursuits!

I returned to college on Friday to unofficially finish the Green Man…

It was an odd but pleasant workshop day in the respect that I was the only person in it. This allowed me to really get my teeth into adding final details without being distracted by other people!





Lastly, after very little consideration, I’ve decided to remove the ‘Twitter’ and general aggregator info from the ‘Spy’ page of this website. Instead I’ve decided to start a pictorial grid of

images that represent things that have happened on during the course of my week (One line of four squares = one week) Keep watching.

P.S Does anyone actually read this blog ?

Long live Helghan!