Past & Presently

Jesus H! Where does the time go ? One minute everything seems up to date with blogging at no one in particular, the next moment, I have the nagging feeling that no one Is getting bored waiting for my next blog entry!

Well its fair to say I’m keeping busy. Months pass and many things happen. My education in stone masonry has progressed very well over the last couple of years, I’ve been lucky to work alongside a talented stone mason called Marcus, who began to teach me the trade and allowed me to enter into an apprenticeship with him. During this time I’ve studied at college a couple of days a week and had some excellent tuition whilst doing so. The sum total of these two strands of education  has recently culminated in my passing NVQ level 2 in stone masonry and also gaining an intermediate construction award for my efforts. As year two of my course draws to a close, I’m indulging in finishing off my ‘Green Man’ carving (Pictured above) as all my other course work has finished.

I’m glad to be cracking on with it again as I’ve had to put the piece on ‘ice’ for the last  ten or so months whilst paying attention to more immediately pressing work. Next week I hope to complete the carving; I’ll post an update image at the end of this entry when I have done so.

The general busy pace of life hasn’t afforded me a great deal of social time. I am torn between feeling guilty and just the overall acceptance that it’s not just me, my friends are all keeping very busy also. I’m not sure if this is a symptom of modern living or just the energy that ‘creative types’ has. If you are a friend dropping in to read my blog, please accept my apologies on my part for not seeing you much and lets sort some time out in the near future to remedy the situation.

In virtual reality I’ve been keeping busy by dedicating half an our most evenings to progressing through the military ranks of Killzone 2 multi-player. Currently Brigadier General. Here are my full stats.

Other bits and bobs…


I’ve recently discovered ‘Spotify’ and am so far generally very impressed. You set up an account, download the software and basically get access to a vast library of music that you can listen to via online streaming.

In effect, you can name an album by an artist you wish to listen to, providing it is on Spotify, you can listen to the album in its entirety for free. After around four or five tracks there is usually  a brief audio advertisement but this is nothing particularly  intrusive.

Other than discovering new ways of accessing music, this period has been a bit dry on the hearing new music front. I’ve resorted to digging through my collection and rediscovering the likes of Depeche Mode, Tosca and Malcolm McLaren.

On a non-musical point, I highly recommend having a listen to the fabulous and funny  ‘Radio Spiritworld‘ 


Star Trek – 10/10 Really excellent, made me feel like a kid again. The pace of the movie was teetering on being ‘symphonic’. This is sci-fi at its best.

Terminator Salvation: Pretty good fun, not excellent by any means but certainly didn’t deserve the flak it received from the press. Bit of a weak ending but It was forgiven for having more plus than minus points. I suppose you can only expect so much from a premise about psychopathic, time traveling cyborgs from the future !

Other than this, there is not a lot to report (Unless I suddenly remember a shed load of other items and return to this entry to insert them…. where’s Sid James when you need him?)

Right, you can go and loiter on someone else’s website now. As a parting shot, I’d like to leave you with a video that my wife sent to me  recently.