The Return

My old webshite suffered an embarrassingly long hiatus, I’m going to avoid having that happen again. Fortunately for me, authoring software for the everyday pleb has improved a great deal so I’m able to add the kind of content I’d always wished to without having to worry about the coding side of things.

So this week, feeling reasonably fired up, I’ve managed to nail together most of the pages that you see here.

As mentioned in an earlier page, the process will now have a more ‘organic’ feel , that is to say that I’m making up the content as I go along and enjoying seeing how it all unfolds as opposed to executing some bloody lengthy master-plan that takes months of my life before anyone sees any of the fruits of my labours. God, how Web 1.0!

If you have just fumbled your way into my site, feel free to tell me how much you do/don’t like it or whether you have any issues with the way it displays. I’ve made this using software called ‘iWeb’, I’m not certain how it translates across non Apple browsers such as Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc.

Please add your feedback to this blog entry via the link provided, thanks.

Future intentions for HIAB-X.COM will see more art and creative output in general, I’m looking forward to doing some new stuff.


Game Boy

Personal Top 10 ‘Wow’ Moments In Gaming.

I was initially inspired to write this entry after responding to a post in the boards of I’ve also felt a little guilty at having a blog and hardly doing anything with it.

I’ve resolved to be a little more proactive in posting entries here, even if they are copied and pasted from things I’ve posted on other sites.

1.Being able to put your own name to the main character in ‘School Daze’ on the Spectrum.

2.Piloting a guided missile in Starglider on the Atari ST.

3.Jaw hitting the floor at first exposure to Star Fox on the SNES. OMG POLYGONS!

4.Wipeout 2097 intro movie and gameplay being reason enough to buy a Playstation console.

5.Getting completely spellbound on the first play-through of Tomb Raider, so much exploring.

6.Having Techgasms during during first exposure to GTA III on a large CRT TV set that weighed half a ton.

7.The splendid craftsmanship of tight storytelling and immersive gameplay  and graphic finesse that was Prince Of Persia – Sands Of Time.

8.Shadows Of The Colossus ; the whole game was one giant ‘WOW moment’. The atmosphere, the fur effects, the vastness, the sunlight glinting through the trees, the haunting music….probably the best game I’ve ever played.

9.Every scary-f*ing moment of Dead Space and the realization that everything I’ve hoped gaming could be is now coming true.

10. Killzone 2 for finally making me feel interested in FPS games again for the first time since Quake