Transient Details and The Price of Chickens.

I experienced another shift a few hours ago. For every light there is a shadow, going left will always imply the option to go right, for every three dimensionally solid sentient entity there is a multi dimensional soft inverted consciousness. This is how I view things, perhaps we are not that different to each other, perhaps I’m just the one who foolishly attempts to illustrate what I do as a reminder to the being you fundamentally are.

I am sometimes struck by the memory of things that happen over on ‘the other side’. Don’t get too hung up on that statement, I say ‘Other’ as if it belongs to another place or continuum because it helps provide a context for you, the reader. All the while I’m acutely aware that it really feels that what can be considered as two existential dimensions, are really expressions of a greater whole.

My last episode/ shift, reminded me of how complimentary the other place can be to the solid world of ‘here and now.’ Sure there are comparisons you can draw that illustrate the differences. Over here the dead are gone, over there they seem very much alive albeit dead. Over there, past, present and future all seem to happen at once, here we endure a sense of passing time; That which has been is gone, that which is here is now, that which will be, hasn’t arrived just yet. It all nods to itself, it doesn’t matter which side of the metaphorical ‘fence’ you are on, there is always the implication of the other. Above and beyond this place or that place there is always the suggestion that there is ‘something else’ a greater ‘Otherness’. Its a curious set up isn’t it !

The last shift took me to a vague ‘Bristol’ sort of place, I note that it was night time and that I was in what felt like the city centre…(Though I cannot feel confident about any claim that anywhere has a ‘centre’, if you know what I mean) I noticed a branch of the ‘Forbidden Planet’ franchise and decided to go in and have a good look at the merchandise. On the whole I seem to have a fixation with the Eagle Transporter spaceships from Gerry Anderson’s ‘Space 1999’, so I find no surprise in telling you that I made a bee-line straight for the models as soon as I got a glimpse of them. One of the things I always appreciate about shifting to the other place is that objects have a greater fluidity to their nature. Unlike here, they aren’t ‘fixed’ forms, they gently ripple with energy and potential to become other things, there is always the suggestion that they will reveal something hidden about themselves. I likeEagle Transporters and the R2-D2’s for this reason. When I see the static versions here, I see things that fascinate me because of their beautiful design and because they have a distinct whiff and flavour of childhood. In the other places, they still have all those qualities but then they have the extra thrill of containing so many other dimensions, as if their physical designs were alive and haven’t finished evolving yet. I remained transfixed by the creations in the store for a little while before gently transitioning to a supermarket queue, the kind where your goods are already in the bag before you arrive at the checkout. A girl of no fixed identity came over to me & pointed out that the whole chicken I had in my bag weighed ‘x’ much & was ‘x’ priced, she then asked me how it could be that hers (Which only weighed a pound more) could almost be double the price of mine. I’ve never had a brilliant head for figures but I’m not a mathematical simpleton so her point seemed just and fair. I took a stroll through the aisles to find the manager & argue the vague girl’s grievances on her behalf, I figured she had a good case… I know, this is all quite unremarkable, mundane even. I figured that I’d write about this today as it illustrates clearly that what can be viewed as ‘mundane’ can apply to any given dimension, if there was a place called Heaven, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had shopping malls. I can’t tell you how the manager handled the dispute over the price of cold dead chickens, to be honest, It isn’t important and definitely isn’t likely to be an interesting conclusion. Sorry, it can be like that sometimes can’t it ?

The Negro Inside.

Sometimes I find myself in situations where I’ve no idea how they began; for example, yesterday I was in a flat that was my place of residence even though I had no recollection of having ever moved in. The interior was mildly decaying with cracks in the walls & a gap in the window frame where the rain came in. The room itself was a decent enough space, a loft with two opposing windows, one overlooking a semi fictional ‘West country’ skyline and the other overlooking a busy shopping street. I considered for a moment how I might enjoy a morning coffee whilst looking down on the street below.

I then realised that the days on which it would rain would pose problems as far as the damaged window frame was concerned. Fortunately, whoever my landlord was had had the foresight to apply a yellow plastic water duct beneath the window ledge and it seemed that the rainwater would flow its course along the pipe and evaporate somewhere else in a hatch in the wall or something.

I strolled around my vaguely alien flat & picked up a photograph that had been lying around on an old chest. It was a picture of a girl named Indi at someones party, reclined across wooden table, posing with an unlit cigarette. I wondered if the person sitting behind Indi was her mother then considered that Indi was the sort of person who looked much better without a tobacco prop. In this moment I felt a little disappointed at the foolish mistakes that young people make & put the photograph back down.

Later on I wandered down some vague kind of segue into the room of a black guy who looked reminiscent of the actor who plays Doctor Pratt in E.R. I’d somehow stumbled into his personal crisis , he was about to blow his brains out with a small white revolver because he was suffering the heartache of unrequited love. I consider now that this was a visually poetic image; a black man with a white gun. He slipped the stubby barrel into his mouth. Fortunately I managed to talk him down & out of his potential suicide, I think it was the simple interjection of reason ‘Is any girl worth dying for, just because she won’t love you?!’ This was reason enough . I noticed that on the wall behind the guy that there was a picture of the focus of his obsessions. I considered it strange that the girl was partially obscured in the image and that next to her was another partially obscured image of her twin brother.

I didn’t have long to consider this detail before I realised that I’d begun to drift , my attention snapped back when I realised that I was now standing in a courtyard belonging to a great medieval looking castle. Two floating alien entities that looked like blue spiky grubs covered in vaguely human looking eyes began to circle me as if to size me up for an attack. A man dressed in combat fatigues appeared at the side of the courtyard and slid a grey plastic gun across the stone floor to me. He yelled “Pick it it and shoot them!” I tried and the gun fired an arc of electricity into one of the blue creatures. It began to expand and bloat as the energy from the gun entered it. I felt a moment of brief triumph which promptly turned into panic as the gun seemed to fizzle out of power. I decided to run & find a place to work out how to recharge the damn thing. Finding a nearby alcove away from the blue monstrosities, I fumbled on the floor with the impotent electric weapon. I was feeling desperate, doom seemed so close to me, if only I could shift again…

And so it was, that I then found myself in a familiar continuum. It was Saturday.

Telescopic Frequencies.

Last night I visited Brislington, my old flat to be precise. Upon my arrival into my former abode, I realised that I’d inherited a most peculiar tripod mounted telescope! The instrument was of unknown origin and struck me as counter-logical as I’d noted that the objective lens was sealed shut with a brass plate. The eye piece was more like a circular electronic monitor. I was however, completely transfixed as I saw how this mystery object worked. I slowly revolved the telescope on its axis and was dumbstruck by the display on the view finder. The telescope took ones mind on a deep space journey, there was a distinct feeling of velocity and visually traversing great expanses of time and space. I had not seen a display of this nature for many years, since an encounter with the fair folk, perhaps my new instrument was a gift from them, or perhaps I’d only perceived a passage in time since that particular memory…

I digress; as my view of the universe shifted and expanded I began to feel awe at the immense detail of what seemed like several hundred galaxies in close proximity to each other. I’d barely begun to mutter something about ‘cluster galaxies’ when the viewfinder rapidly zoomed into one of the glowing spirals to reveal several thousand brilliant shining suns then a sudden focus upon one sun in particular and its orbiting solar system. I quickly gathered that my instrument had not shown me the other side of the universe, it had taken my view from there back to my humble home planet. What a marvelous contraption !

I noted with a sense of profound fascination that there were structures akin to the cells of honeycomb yet as delicate as the silk of spider webs across the entire universe. These structures were so fine that they were impossible to see with the untrained eye. They were there all the same.

I’m trying to convey with words, a phenomenal display witnessed by this soul and finding that my language is failing to adequately describe the events and details as they occurred. If I were to sum the incident up into a clumsy sentence or two I suppose I would have to say: We are not alone out here, we have kindly neighbours who watch us closely. What we see as great distance in time and space is all an illusion and our universe is not a random explosion of eccentric objects, it is a never ending web of interconnected totality;we should not view ourselves as seperate from this.